суббота, 22 марта 2014 г.

Kindness is always fashionable

Another place to stop and drink a nice cup of coffee. This place is very nice, you’ll feel as if you haven’t left your home at all. The interior is not only cosy but creative. There are lots of interesting and pretty details that would definitely catch your eye.
I greatly appreciate good service. I don’t like the personnel to interrupt my conversation by constantly asking wether I want something or not. Or whom is just wondering around like a fly. But here you can spend really much time without any interruption and I love it!

Of course there are also some minuses. The coffee itself isn’t that fantastic, to be honest. If you appreciate nice atmosphere more than your drinks/food you would love this place. What is more this café is situated in the city center which is very convenient (Lva Tolstoho street, 1). It is called “Самое доброе кафе”(aka The kindest café) which is very cute.
P.S. Prices are nice too. They don’t bite!

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