вторник, 24 июня 2014 г.

Art Picnic SFG

Okay I'm trying to stay calm but I'm going to tell ya 'bout my most favourite place to visit in summer - Art Picnic! 

This is heaven on earth for everyone. I mean just look.
Wanna walk in a quiet park? 

Or do you prefer nature and having a picnic with friends or your significant one? 

Wanna ride a bicycle, rollers or...horse? Well you can!

Haven't been on a concert for ages? Well here you can find nice free concerts if you wish. Along with concerts you can watch movies, visit galleries and exhibitions, try new food, learn lots of cool staff including yoga and just hang out with your friends on fresh air all day long. You can visit art picnic any day you want up to the end of October and it's absolutely free (except some services like renting a byce or having a cup of coffee).
Also there are lots of cool things like

(Nature is so magnetic)

Anyways it's always a nice place to go when it's hot outside and you want your body and soul to rest.
Highly recommended.

понедельник, 28 апреля 2014 г.

Book Arsenal

hey hey, I know it's been awhile since I posted last time, but I will try to improve.
So I want to dedicate this post to the one of my fave exhibitions in my city - Knyzhkoviy Arsenal (Книжковий Арсенал) which translates as Book Arsenal. It is held in Art Arsenal and offers you lots of fun (if you are book freak like me). There are tons of different books which you can buy, treats you can taste, lections from writers and publishers you can attend, paintings you can see and buy etc. I like to visit it with friends to have some fun and alone just to enjoy this atmosphere.

This year's exhibition invited France as their guest. It was really cool.

Cool decorations in Maidan style

Nice set of paintings

That ladies are too cool

Something to think over

People thoughts about Taras Shevchenko - great and loved Ukrainian poet

Now these are just some random photos of what has caught my eye.

That tree is dope!

I hope you've enjoed my post. If you're in Kiev and Book Arsenal is open - visit it, that's too much fun to miss. You would never ever regret that I can promise.

P.S. Couldn't help but uploaded this little video I filmed. Too cute to resist. 

P.P.S. Oops to my sweet tooth haha!

суббота, 22 марта 2014 г.

Kindness is always fashionable

Another place to stop and drink a nice cup of coffee. This place is very nice, you’ll feel as if you haven’t left your home at all. The interior is not only cosy but creative. There are lots of interesting and pretty details that would definitely catch your eye.
I greatly appreciate good service. I don’t like the personnel to interrupt my conversation by constantly asking wether I want something or not. Or whom is just wondering around like a fly. But here you can spend really much time without any interruption and I love it!

Of course there are also some minuses. The coffee itself isn’t that fantastic, to be honest. If you appreciate nice atmosphere more than your drinks/food you would love this place. What is more this café is situated in the city center which is very convenient (Lva Tolstoho street, 1). It is called “Самое доброе кафе”(aka The kindest café) which is very cute.
P.S. Prices are nice too. They don’t bite!

четверг, 6 марта 2014 г.

Kredens Cafe

Unfortunately we don't have Starbucks in Ukraine. But! We have something better - another coffee heaven and it's Kredens Cafe.

Things I like best about this cafe are: really tasty coffee, tea and chocolate and recently appeared chai (it is called oriental tea here), quite nice and cosy interior, polite personnel and free wi-fi.

I absolutely love these bright lights, they make such cosy atmosphere!

Anyway if you have a desore to drink some nice cup of chai or coffee this would be the greatest choise! You wouldn't leave for hours!

P.S. This post hasn't been sponsored and by no means is an advertisement. It is just an enthusiast shares her likes. All photos were taken by me.

четверг, 6 февраля 2014 г.

The First Post

I'd like to welcome each of you on this blog! This blog is dedicated to the capital of Ukraine, Kiev. To its beautiful sights, spirits and people. I hope you all will find it exciting and interesting! Cheers!