вторник, 24 июня 2014 г.

Art Picnic SFG

Okay I'm trying to stay calm but I'm going to tell ya 'bout my most favourite place to visit in summer - Art Picnic! 

This is heaven on earth for everyone. I mean just look.
Wanna walk in a quiet park? 

Or do you prefer nature and having a picnic with friends or your significant one? 

Wanna ride a bicycle, rollers or...horse? Well you can!

Haven't been on a concert for ages? Well here you can find nice free concerts if you wish. Along with concerts you can watch movies, visit galleries and exhibitions, try new food, learn lots of cool staff including yoga and just hang out with your friends on fresh air all day long. You can visit art picnic any day you want up to the end of October and it's absolutely free (except some services like renting a byce or having a cup of coffee).
Also there are lots of cool things like

(Nature is so magnetic)

Anyways it's always a nice place to go when it's hot outside and you want your body and soul to rest.
Highly recommended.

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